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Enhancing the value of Digital Twins with GPC (June 2021)

Come see how Geometric Process Control (GPC) naturally fits into the Digital Twin framework, enhancing the value of combined process descriptions and data.

Digital Twins are showing great promise for the processing industries. The applications of Digital Twins span disciplines of operation, including process control, predictive maintenance, optimization, virtual testing, process improvement, and more. But these benefits come from bringing more and more diverse data sources together, and engineers already struggle to make use of the smaller datasets they use today! Powerful data analysis and visualization tools are needed that don’t require huge manpower investment. This is the first place GPC brings benefits.

In this webinar from June 2021 we will show you how comparing model and process performance, identifying and tracking process changes, and identifying key variables and targets for best operation are natural combinations of Digital Twins and GPC visualization. These tasks can be done faster and more insightfully than with other technologies.


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