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Science-based Alarm Rationalization Transforms Operation Quality (May 2021)

Operator alarms are the most powerful tool operators have for keeping units running safely and efficiently. When performing well, they are a fingertip on the pulse of operation, alerting the operator sooner to disturbances that might previously have developed into degraded quality, process trips or more extreme situations, and give the operator more time to correct, avoid, or mitigate the incident. But poorly set alarms often perform badly, actively hindering operations by focusing attention in the wrong places.

The single biggest cause of poor operator alarm performance is inconsistent values for the alarm limits. The advice on how to find values for alarm limits is to put them “at the boundary of where you normally operate” but that’s not easily done with several hundred alarmed variables and no efficient way to see the boundary of where you normally operate across hundreds or thousands of process variables. PPCL’s Geometric Process Control (GPC) technology makes it simple to find and see historic process operations, making it possible to easily see the entire relationship between the process operating envelope and existing or proposed alarm limits.

In this webinar from May 2021 you will see how Rationalising your Operator Alarms using Operating Envelopes could be the gateway to larger financial benefits with less investment than other applications available to you.


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PPCL Webinar: Operating Envelopes for Batch and other Time Dependent Processes
14th and 15th July

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