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Discover how Operating Envelopes take batch processes to new levels of performance (November 2020) 

Have you got a Multi-Mode, Multi-Phase or Grade Transition process?

Many continuous processes have just one Normal Operating Mode (other than StartUp and Shutdown) and thus just one Normal Operating Envelope. But some processes have more than one normal Operating Mode or Phase and thus have to have more than one Normal Operating Envelope and have to be able to switch Operations between them.

In this webinar I will show you how easy it is with GPC (Geometric Process Control) to separate the individual multi-variable operating envelopes for each Mode, Phase or Transition and then have GPC automatically build linked real-time Operating Envelope models for each one for much better operator alarms, open-loop operator guidance, fault prediction and closed-loop control. No maths or equations or advanced maths qualifications needed and designed for use by the front-line process, control and automation engineers who have the best knowledge of their process and its actual operating limitations and practices. It's no more difficult than creating a single-Envelope model for a continuous process, as you have seen demonstrated in many of our other webinars. It just takes a little longer.

How does GPC compare to other methods of modelling multi-envelope processes? We think the odds are heavily stacked in favour of GPC but that’s our opinion and is something that is really for you to decide. So view this webinar from November 2020 and decide!

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