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Modern Operator Alarm Improvement and Rationalization (October 2020)

Operator alarms are there to allow the process and its control systems to tell the operator the process is outside its operating window and needs his help. if messages are too late or often false (cry wolf!) the operators will quickly learn to distrust them and depend instead on their own vigilance leading to greater variability in process operation.

The single biggest cause of poor operator alarm performance is an inconsistent set of values of the alarm limits. The missing understanding has been that alarm limits are not independent of each other but are linked by an Operating Envelope or Operating Window spanning many hundreds or even thousands of variables from different data bases. Operating Envelopes are the missing link between Process Capability and Operating Objectives and so give new understanding to the fundamentals of alarm floods. Better operator alarms make money for your plant by reducing operational variability, which delivers a reduction in operating costs and, in cases where throughput is increased, to a reduction in the unit costs of production. Conversely, poor operator alarms cost you money every single day by allowing unnecessary variability.

In this webinar from October 2020 you will see the usefulness of being able to see and compare Windows and Envelopes for different operating objectives and the benefits of predicting Alarm Performance with immediate feedback instead of waiting weeks until after the new alarms have been implemented in the control room before you know if performance has been improved.


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PPCL Webinar: Modern Operator Alarm Improvement and Rationalization
17th and 18th February

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