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Linking Process Operations to Strategy Achievement (July 2020)

Implementing Operational Excellence in process plants involves driving process operations to best achieve the business’s strategic objectives. Key to success are KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). Poor KPI performance, as demonstrated in reports and dashboards, often indicates the existence of a problem, but rarely conveys the cause, giving no guidance to the process operator to make improvements.

Defining leading KPIs that are consistent with each other, and which drive achievement of the lagging KPIs, is essential for Operational Excellence to work, but how can it be done? Often KPI targets have been set by different, geographically distributed departments staffed by different disciplines and with different business focuses. Does improving KPIs really improve business strategy? Or are they contradictory, unrealistic or even impossible? It is straightforward to address these questions with a coordinated approach based around the full feed-to-product process operating envelope.

Geometric Process Control, an innovative new technology developed here at PPCL provides the way to quickly and easily see such operating envelopes across hundreds of variables. Potential KPIs and targets can immediately be evaluated and compared, and contradictions or difficulties are immediately visible. Performance monitoring and reporting become clear and consistent for everyone involved, allowing process refinement and increasing understanding of how KPIs interact.

In this webinar first delivered in July 2020, you’ll discover more about our fast, practical, no-math approach to extracting the information and insight buried in your process history data. 

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