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Operator alarms are the key to improving value from your plant by increasing uptime and reducing operational variability. Better alarms drive the operator’s capability to keep the plant on-line and producing saleable material. Poor alarm systems distract the operator, cause overload in responses or, at worst, don’t prompt at all for necessary actions.

The single biggest factor in improving alarm performance is the values at which the alarm limits are set. But search for advice on how to find correct alarm limits and the answer will be “put the limits at the boundary of where you normally operate.” For the practising engineer this advice is useless because there hasn’t been a way to locate this boundary across many hundreds of variables.

The key is an Operating Envelope or Operating Window spanning the many hundreds or even thousands of variables, some with alarms defined and some without.

In this webinar, first delivered in February 2020, you will discover a simple visual method for locating the Operating Window and Envelope of any chosen set of objectives and of setting alarm limits around its boundary. You will see the usefulness of being able to see and compare Windows and Envelopes for different operating objectives and the benefits of predicting alarm performance with immediate feedback.

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