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Operational Excellence depends on feedback of lagging KPI (Key Performance Indicator) achievement to ensure business performance meets required financial, environmental and efficiency requirements. Feedback on achieved KPI values against the KPI targets is via infrequent performance reports and ‘dashboards’. These may indicate the existence of a problem but rarely indicate the cause - and no guidance is available to the process operator as to how to address the lagging KPIs and manage the interactions between them.

The solution for effective Operational Excellence is to use an Operating Envelope model which includes variable interaction effects. Geometric Process Control, an innovative new technology developed here at PPCL, provides the way to quickly and easily see such operating envelopes across hundreds of variables. Potential KPIs and targets can immediately be evaluated and compared, and contradictions or difficulties are immediately visible. Performance monitoring and reporting become clear and consistent for everyone involved, allowing process refinement and increasing understanding of how KPIs interact.

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