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Wouldn’t you rather have a process that is easier to operate and needs less attention and intervention? Just turn up the temperature, increase recycle or reflux and allow grinding to continue for longer and your wish will be granted - but at the cost of expensive additional fuel. Fuel is the directly visible cost of excess energy, but it’s not the whole cost. Additional cooling is needed to remove the excess energy, throughput is reduced due to higher recycle and reflux, and extra downstream processing is needed. What’s more, carbon credits or environmental permits may also be needed.

In this webinar from August 2019 we show you how to make your process easier to operate without increasing your energy usage. Once you know how the plant should be operated it is easy to compare that with how it is being operated now and calculate the cost difference. For most companies the difference lies somewhere between “large” and “very large”.

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PPCL Webinar: Batch Processing
22nd and 23rd April

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