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All processes are multi-step, but many where the producing step is much longer than the start-up and shut-down steps have long been characterized as ‘continuous’, leaving all others to be put into categories such as ‘batch’, ‘cyclic’, ‘fed-batch’ and ‘transition’. In reality, all processes are multi-step, which means there are almost always different operating envelopes for each step. The envelopes for successive steps wholly or partially overlap with each other in high-dimensionality space and can now be examined and modelled to achieve both single and multi-step performance monitoring, optimization, operator alarm-setting and process improvement using the same no-maths Geometric Process Control tools which we demonstrated in last month’s webinar on continuous process optimization.

In this webinar you will see modelling of operating envelopes for a multi-step, multi-variable environment (a stirred-tank reactor with distillation and thus several very different operating phases) and for an oil well drilling example. There is a discussion-led review of other frequently-encountered applications, such as grade transition in polymer manufacturing.

The webinar is delivered by our CEO Dr Robin Brooks and, while of primary interest to process and control engineers, is fully within the comprehension of managers and other staff remote from real-time process operations who may have the task of creating business cases justifying future investment.

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PPCL Webinar: Alarm Rationalization
12th and 13th February 2020

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