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Whether your goal is better product, more throughput, lower cost or a combination of all three, the key to repeating best operation is understanding your process and how it behaves. Such information is already present implicitly in your plant historian. This webinar demonstrates visual tools which engineers can use to extract and exploit the wealth of information available.

An Operating Envelope is the relationship between variables that gives the best achievement of one or more objectives such as yield, throughput, quality etc. This can be very complex when multiple optima exist and, until now, very difficult to see with more than a handful of variables. In the past, targets would be found individually, discounting the inherent relationship between the variables. Doing this is tedious and it is difficult to move them in accordance with new or modified goals through KPI targets. It would often conflict with other limits such as Safety Alarms, Integrity Operating Limits and Operator Alarm Limits.

Feed-to-product Operating Envelopes make it easy to reproduce best operation by identifying key variables and operating ranges to ensure consistent operation or provide MPC constraints. Additionally, new information can be generated by comparing operation under different external conditions with current constraints and operating limits to question why our operation is where it is. This can be done graphically without needing advanced statistical or analytic techniques. You can even see how that newly proposed KPI and its limits will perform and whether the operating window is sufficient to achieve the required targets.

Watch the webinar now and discover more about PPCL’s fast, practical, no-math approach to extracting the information and insight buried in your process history data.

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