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The alarm system is a key tool for operators to maintain the efficient operation of the process plant. Why are there so many issues? Nuisance alarms and alarms that have been stale for far too long cost us production, as well as potentially contributing to process incidents. How can we make the alarms, and the alarm process, better? Geometric Process Control is the answer, demonstrating the relationship between operator alarms and process behaviour and leading to a revolution in alarm management.

This webinar will demonstrate the fundamental understanding relating operator alarm limits to process behavior, enabling the creation and management of an entire set of alarm limits. This differentiates Modern Alarm Rationalization from the isolated alarm methods currently used across the industry. With this technique, alarm limits and their performance can be evaluated before putting them in place, forcing underlying process issues to be recognized and addressed. This is dramatically different from today’s try-it-and-see approach to “bad actors” and allows a rational process for setting alarm limits that have never activated. The result is much better alarm limits taking up less process engineering time, thereby reducing the number, duration and staff levels of review meetings.

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PPCL Webinar: Fault Detection
5th and 6th December

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