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Finding & Using Better Operating Windows Part One (February 2016)

This webinar on finding and using better operating windows was delivered on 10th February 2016. It is Part One of a two part series, the second of which, "From Operating Windows to Operating Envelopes" was presented on Wednesday 9th March 2016.

An Operating Window is a set of Operating Limits or Control Limits intended to give the best achievement of an objective such as yield, throughput, quality, KPI or cost. Traditionally your organization has found values for these Limits one variable at a time using methods such as Statistical Process Control (SPC). You have been able to make one limit consistent with another but it's been very tedious to do for many operating limits and a major task to reset them all and re-establish consistency when the objective changes because one limit has changed or another must-comply KPI has just been introduced. 

And what about all the other sets of limits such as Safety Alarms, Integrity Operating Limits, Operator Alarm Limits and more? How do you avoid conflict with them or even know for sure that you have? In this one hour webinar Dr Robin Brooks, founder and CEO of PPCL, demonstrates a straightforward visual method of quickly finding values at which to set Limits for many variables at once in such a way that they will all be consistent with each other. You can do this for several sets of limits so that you, and everyone else in your company, will be able to see where there could be conflicts before they are implemented in the control room. You can even see how that newly proposed KPI and its limits will perform, and whether you will be able to achieve it to the required level.

Dr Brooks shows you how to combine process variables that you can measure in real-time with measurements such as lab results, yield and efficiency actuals and emission KPI actuals that won't be available until hours or even days later. And at the end he gives a glimpse of how to include variable interaction effects - still without maths - to find the Operating Envelope inside the Window. You can then use it to help the Operator stay inside the Operating Window on all variables all of the time so that you can solve the multi-variate MSPC problem and get one new chart to replace all of your SPC charts.

This fast, powerful, and insightful 'Big Data' method is ideally suited to the highly correlated and non-linear data that is characteristic of process plants as well as to the time constraints of everyone employed in them. And because the method is visual it lends itself very easily to providing graphical images for reports demonstrating achievement, particularly of KPI's.

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