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Since the advent of parallel coordinate transformation, PPCL have been working hard to apply their research and innovations to the process industry. The hope is that this research will take you to new levels of process understanding and allow you to tackle KPI’s, alarm management, PAT and QbD with newfound insight.

The History of PPCL

Founded in 1994 as a Management Consultancy and later transforming into a Technology Company, Process Plant Computing Limited (PPCL) is the brainchild of Dr. Robin Brooks. Dr. Brooks spent many years identifying chemical and process systems engineering problems that he believed could be addresses with multi-dimensional geometry and the parallel coordinate transformation, before forming the company. The driving force was the intention to further develop his research and apply it to the process industries of the world. This research has led to the granting of over twenty patents and the creation of 'equation-less' process modeling. In turn, this has lead to the integration of process control, quality control and process alarms and the creation of what is believed to be the first-ever general method of calculating values for alarm limits and alerts.

The company strives to improve the business efficiency of process plants worldwide, through the research, development and delivery of innovative end-user applications based on its unique Geometric Process Control (GPC) technology. PPCL solutions are a driving force amongst process change and allow tightly controlled, financially savvy product.

PPCL previously traded as 'Curvaceous Software Limited' and briefly as C-Visual  in North America.

Awards Received and Worlds Firsts

Here are just some of the awards PPCL has won for their innovative technology:

star Innovator of the Year, Chemical Industry Association (CIA) Awards, 2006
star Winner, Manufacturing Category, Institution of Engineering Technology (IET), 2006
star Medallist, British Computer Society (BCS) IT Industry Awards, 2006
star Winner, Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) Awards, 2005
star Finalist, The Carbon Trust Innovation Award, 2005
star Biggest Single Contribution to Improved Process Safety, European Process Safety Centre (EPSC) Awards, 2003

PPCL has delivered many world firsts:

tik Unification of alarms, process control and achievement of business operating objectives
tik No-maths MIMO Controller for batch and continuous processes
tik A no-maths solution to the process analytical technology (PAT) and quality by design (QbD) requirements in the pharma industry
tik The only method to find values for alarm and operating limits
tik The first method to find, display and use the multi-variable operating envelope of a steady or unsteady state process
tik Significant enhancements to ‘Six Sigma’ and similar process improvement methodologies

Our Awards

IChem Awards 2005 Winner

Carbon Trust


Processing PuOps Awards


Medalist Awards

Our Clients

PPCL have worked with a number of industry-leading clients and GPC technology has helped to place them at the forefront of their industries.


Nova Chemicals

NSG Group   Miro

Kronos   Cabot


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