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C Visual Explorer 2.8.0

C Visual Explorer (CVE) is PPCL's solution for multivariate Operation Envelope analysis and visualization. CVE provides a graphical representation of hundreds of process and quality variables with tools tailored for chemical and process engineers working with process plants. This unique visual method allows users with domain knowledge to quickly see and extract process insight from the data already collected in plant historians without requiring extensive mathematics.

CVE 2.8.0 is packed with new features to help engineers to answer the process questions they face on a daily basis.

See More of your Process with Bigger Datasets

CVE already allows engineers to look at far more data than they can with other methods, allowing a single picture from feed to product through their production and covering years of operation. The 64-bit support in network editions allows datasets that are limited only by computer memory. We've added simplification and automation of many common tasks in CVE, making analysis faster and easier. Classification and coloring of variables makes for easier handling of large datasets..

Better Analysis and Quicker Answers with Improved Graphics

Differences in operation are much easier to compare using the many new plot options, overlays, and more and better contrasting query colors. The time-saving feature of removing background data without using focus speeds analysis.

More Powerful Alarm Analysis

Even more powerful alarm analysis is possible with new options for alarm count and annunciation rate that now allow direct comparison of alarm performance across different modes of operation as well as comparing different alarm sets. The benefit is much quicker evaluation of existing and proposed alarm limits across the range of plant operation. Summary statistics, such as total alarms and clean board rate, are always displayed.

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