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Speed Up Design of Experiments!

C Response Surface Visualiser (CRSV) is the predictive model representation of the possible process image, including the determination of interactions of process variables. It is most often used by formulators to visually explore the response surface formed by the parameters in known formulations in order to minimise the number of experiments required to arrive at a new formulation. Being visual, it is fast for formulators to use at the workplace and allows you to concentrate on utilising your domain knowledge which can sometimes allow an experiment to be avoided.

CRSV replaces the numerically intensive finding and interpretation of multi-variable regression equations describing the response surface with a simple visual method that anyone can use. For the first time, experimenters can see the complete set of relationships within their response surface with no maths knowledge necessary.

Using CRSV You Can:

Avoid waiting for specialist mathematical support to become available!
tikReduce number of experiments
tikSpeed up time to market
tikAvoid using equations

But How?

This technique is perfectly suited to Design of Experiments (DOE) where the number of data points available is very small, perhaps as small as 8 to 10. The ability to move values around and watch the effects on other parameters is invaluable; parameters needing further investigation can be quickly identified, thereby eliminating unnecessary trials and improving both return on investment and speed to market/trial. The effect of changing parameter values and seeing the consequences opens up a new view on how to progress and where to focus within your process.

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