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In all areas of the chemical industry, Geometric Process Control (GPC) technology can help maximise yield, addressing the needs of front-line process operations engineers for a quick and easy-to-use method to answer the everyday questions in a plant such as “Why isn’t the process working as well as it did last week?” as well as checking that improvements already made are retained.

For continuous process control, GPC has been used to develop a multiple-input multipleoutput MIMO controller that requires no maths and no identification experiments, and can work in open or closed-loop control above an existing regulatory control system. It includes Real Time Optimisation (RTO) too, and out-performed a leading model-based controller in its first trial, all whilst being an order of magnitude cheaper to implement and maintain.

Batch processes have always been difficult to analyse and control because there are so many variables changing at once and so many quite different sets of activities taking place in sequence. Users have not been able to directly compare the many tens or hundreds of process variables and quality results across batches in a meaningful way, or the reasons for the differences in performance of two or more apparently identical reactors. Process control has been limited to forcing the trajectory of a single variable, such as reactor temperature, to follow the same trajectory as that in a ‘golden’ batch. With GPC technology, it’s possible to compare many batches and many reactors with ease and go on to build real-time control models without maths.
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