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What system changes will I need to use Geometric Process Control?

People often ask what system changes are required to implement any of our products. The answer is - usually none, it's that simple.

The GPC system works with process and quality data already captured in the existing plant historian or even in manual spreadsheets of data. This means that any plant, regardless of how basic or advanced the systems in place are, can make use of this technology. No expensive capital outlays are required: the software is provided on a CD from which the programs are installed.

The only requirements are a Windows based operating system, XP or above.

For the network versions of CVE and CPM a licence server is located in a corner of a server computer running Windows Server 2003 or later or Windows XP, Vista or 7. When a user at a client computer anywhere on the network asks to start CVE or CPM, the licence server checks that it has a licence available in its pool and downloads a temporary licence and a copy of CVE or CPM to the client computer. A periodic handshake transaction is maintained between the server and client until the client disconnects but that is all so the load on the server computer is minimal and a dedicated server computer is not necessary. The client benefits in that the execution of CVE or CPM takes place only on the client computer for maximum graphic performance. The IT workload is minimised because there is no software installation required on any client computer.

Workstation licences are installed from CD or an electronic download on the computer upon which they will operate, which must be running Windows XP or later.


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